Sample Lease Agreement For Gas Station

The absence of restrictions on the alignment of the gas station with LUKOIL standards. A well-developed gas station lease contains the following: The lessor also grants a remediation allowance to the tenant for this gas station company. To familiarize yourself with the list of establishments offered for rent; to be informed of any cooperation issues in the rental of gas stations or special objects in the territory of the gas station; This rental agreement is designed for a supermarket and/or gas station (service station). It is a very friendly lease in orientation. The rent is increased by the consumer price index, subject to annual minimums and maximums. The tenant takes the premises in « wie-is » physical condition. This rental agreement is designed for a supermarket and/or gas service station. It`s very pro-holding in tone. For example, the use clause allows the tenant to use the premises for any legal use, and the contract and sublease allow the tenant to transfer the lease or lease the premises without the landlord`s consent. base area, facilities, buildings, retaining park, gas station features; The review of the cooperation proposal takes into account the following characteristics of the service station: steady Income in the form of a fixed lease agreement or a distribution of margins; « LUKOIL SRBIJA » ad can play the role of service station rental company in its possession and hand them over to the lease agreement to the independent operator in the petroleum products market.

This document gives an independent contractor the right to operate a gas station from a gas station distributor. The contractor occupies and operates the station under a licensing agreement and not in the lease agreement. To submit your offer to the company with the intention of renting a gas station. As part of the cooperation under the « LUKOIL SERBIA » lease, AD can act as a taker or subtenant by using the service station on the basis of the lease agreement or by subletting with independent operators in the retail market of petroleum products – owner or taker of these petrol stations. A gas station buys gas on a wholesale market at about 10-20% less than the market price.