Privacy Agreement Uk

AXA UK Group includes insurance, insurance brokers, health and wellness insurance and an online health shop. We all have an obligation to protect their privacy and personal data. If you have been referred to this privacy policy by a SITE WEB or a document from an AXA UK company (z.B. of your insurance policy), the website or the DOCUMENT AXA company details that process your personal data are included; It is responsible for your personal data and compliance with data protection laws. Two AXA UK companies have their own privacy policies, for details in the Marketing sections and AXA UK Company Details. For the purposes of this privacy policy, there is a reference to « us » or « us » at this AXA company. The easiest way to provide a privacy statement is to post it on your website and link it whenever it is appropriate. This website privacy policy model was designed with all of these objectives in mind, although legal compliance requirements predominate. Although they cover many of the same topics, you should not confuse confidentiality guidelines with privacy policies. There are two alternative sections of the Data Protection Directive that deal with the rights of the people concerned. The first should contribute to compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and should be applied until the General Data Protection Regulation (PRDR) comes into force. The second objective is to contribute to compliance with the RGPD and should be used after the RGPD comes into force.

See sections number 8. A website privacy policy describes your company`s practices in collecting, storing and using personal data collected on your website. Examples of data are names, dates of birth, contact information or credit card data. It exposes the purpose of collecting data on your website, the nature of the information collected, and the scope and limitation of data processing on your website. But what is a data protection statement and what should it contain? We explain everything you need to know and give an example of a RGPD statement. Processing managers must provide a data protection statement when they receive personal data from a person concerned. If you respond to messages we post on third-party platforms (such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Google and Twitter), we may also share your data with those third parties to provide you with targeted ads/content on the third-party platform based on your profile/interest. Your data is used by one-third of the platform to identify your account and advertise you. You can control the ads you receive through the privacy settings on the vendor`s platform, and you should consult the third-party provider`s support/support center for more information. Your privacy policy should be written in plain language that people can easily understand. Good morning.

I have information based solely on the website for the beauty trade. The only thing we do is that we are not safe with a contact form that allows customers to contact us by email. No Dara registered on the site. I thought it wasn`t a cookie, what data protection statement do I need? From time to time, we may have to make changes to this privacy policy, for example because of it. B government regulation, new technologies or other developments in data protection legislation or privacy in general.