Black Agreement

Long cotton sleeves in black hoodie fleece. Drawstring with white and rubber logo the enags attached to the hood. Logo printed in white on the chest. Kangaroo bag at the waist. Graphic logo printed in white on the sleeves. Knit the tongs and the wep. Logo printed in white on the back. Supplier colour: black and white A fourth contract, the Kharkiv Pact, was signed on 21 April 2010 and extended the lease until 2042 (with the possibility of renewing it for a further five years) in exchange for a multi-year concession contract for the supply of Russian natural gas to Ukraine. [7] Under the Treaty of Division, the Soviet Black Sea Fleet, then headquartered in the Crimean Peninsula, was divided between Russia (81.7%) Ukraine (18.3%).

Russia has retained the right to use the port of Sevastopol in Ukraine for 20 years until 2017. [5] The treaty also allowed Russia to maintain up to 25,000 soldiers, 24 artillery systems, 132 armoured vehicles and 22 military aircraft in the Crimean peninsula. [2] The ground rules were established in an agreement on the status of the armed forces, namely the agreement between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on the status and conditions for the deployment of the Black Sea Fleet (FSF) on the territory of Ukraine. [6] In particular, Russia was required to « respect Ukraine`s sovereignty, respect its legislation and exclude any interference in Ukraine`s internal affairs » and, furthermore, the Russian military was required to present its « military identity cards » when crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border; Russian forces could operate « beyond their places of intervention » only after « consultation with the competent authorities of Ukraine ». [2] By payment contract, Russia paid $526 million in compensation for its share of the divided fleet and accepted a $97 million price for the rental of Crimean bases. This payment was deducted from the cost of Russian gas and billed to Ukraine. [2] On 28 March 2014, after the annexation of Crimea, Russian President Vladimir Putin presented proposals to the Duma to end a series of agreements between Russia and Ukraine, including the Black Sea Fleet Partition Treaty and the Kharkiv Pact. [8] The State Duma unanimously approved the repeal of these Russian-Ukrainian agreements on 31 March 2014. [9] T-shirt in long cotton jersey in black.