Apartment Sale Agreement Format

(4) The buyer declares and agrees not to be entitled, except with regard to the said apartment agreed herein, to be purchased by him and the seller continues to be entitled to the property in all the structures of the aforementioned land, open spaces, car parks, halls, stairs, stairs, terrace, etc., until all the apartments are transferred to the buyers and the declaration of the deeds of the apartment is made and the condo is made, as in the ……. (b) do not demolish or demolish or be a part of the dwelling, or, at any time, make a supplement or modification of any kind inside or part of the dwelling or part of it. (a) He must maintain the apartment at his own expense in a good date of repair and laudable condition from the date of the assumption of the property of the apartment and must not do anything or have suffered in or to the building in which the apartment is located, a staircase or a passage contrary to the rules, regulations or statutes of ………………. The Commission of the State of the Man has Municipal Corporation or any other authority or modification/modification or complement in or to the building in which the apartment is located and the apartment itself or part of it. (c) it respects and adopts all the rules and regulations that the association of homeowners may adopt for its creation, as well as the additions, modifications or modifications that can be made from time to time for the protection and maintenance of the building and the dwellings that are housed there. The purchaser must also comply with and comply with all the provisions and conditions set by the HomeOwners Association with respect to the occupancy and use of the dwelling in the building and contribute regularly and on an ad hoc basis to taxes, expenses, taxes, expenses, expenses or other expenses in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. (7) The seller transfers and transfers to each buyer, after the completion of the building and after receiving all payments, prices, deposits that the buyer must pay to the seller for all apartments/parking places and other premises in the building in question, all rights, rights and interest on each dwelling. (15) If the building, including housing, is notified by the government before the end of the surrender of the building under the Land Acquisitions Act or other law in force for the time being for the acquisition or requirement, the buyer has no right to terminate the contract and, in the event of the acquisition of the building, including that dwelling, the buyer is entitled to a proportionate part of the compensation if granted by the government or another authority.