Agreement Bank

1. THE ACCURACY OF THE INFORMATION. By sending this form, you confirm that the information provided in this form is accurate and correct. Any misrepresentation or misinformation found by the bank is grounds for refusing or refusing the loan. The signature below acknowledges that you have been informed of the additional security measures available to protect your accounts from fraud and other unauthorized activities. If you opt for some of these measures, you may need to sign an additional timetable or agreement outlining the specific procedures, conditions and conditions of each action. If you refuse to use one or more of these enhanced measures, you agree to assume any liability in the event of losses or other damages that may result. For example, if you refuse ACH filters and your accounts are exposed to fraud that could have been prevented or mitigated by the use of ACH filters, you keep us unscathed and accept that you take full responsibility for those losses or damages. They recognize that we can offer certain products that can reduce the risks associated with certain services.

These products may be subject to a tax. We may also draw your attention to other products in the future to further reduce the risk of future threats to services. If you continue to use the services without complying with the extensive security measures we can offer now and in the future, you understand and accept that you assume any liability resulting from losses or damages that might otherwise have been avoided by such measures. When this A calendar is completed, you want certain affiliates (« associate customers ») listed below to be registered with eCorp and that you, if necessary, gain access to the accounts of related customers. Anyone who signs below certifies that they are a public servant, owner, captain, member or employee of any related client, who is indicated and who has the right to sign documents, conduct banking transactions and enter into other contractual agreements for any company registered in that entity. Each related client wants their account relationships to be linked to those of the client and to each other and understands that the client has access to the inormation of the associated client`s account and has the power to make transactions on the account of the linked customer. Each client bound, by express action of its board of directors, partners, members and/or owner, has authorized, if necessary, the designation of the client as an agent, with the full power and power to act on behalf of the related client in relation to activities retained concerning the accounts of the related client, including, in particular, but without restriction, the power and power to properly link the client`s accounts linked to the profile of the linked eCorp customer; (b) view the accounts of the linked customer via eCorp, including all transaction information; (c) issue instructions regarding the accounts of the customer close to the customer, including the authorization of withdrawals and withdrawals through eCorp or other electronic means; and (d) register for certain additional services on behalf of the customer concerned. With the signature below, each related customer exempts and keeps the bank free of all claims or losses arising from the authorization provided to it. The following companies also agree to be linked to all the terms of the agreement. If a related customer wishes to register for additional services, the associated client or client must complete the registration forms in the name of the related client. This exhibition comes into effect from the last undersigned below.