Aecg Agreement

Learn more about this comprehensive free trade agreement, including information on how it helps Canadian businesses, trade statistics, milestones and chapter summaries. NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc. 37 Cavendish Street Stanmore NSW 2048 Tel: 02 9550 5666 Fax: 02 9550 3361 Web: I will now ask Ms Cindy Berwick, President of NSW CETA, and Mr Mark Scott, Secretary of the NSW Department of Education, to sign the partnership agreement, with Minister Sarah Mitchell witnessing the agreement. It is a great pleasure to be here and it is a great privilege to be part of such an important event – the signing of the partnership agreement between NSW CETA and the department for another ten years. The crucial importance of this partnership cannot be underestimated. It gives us the opportunity to listen and hear the voices of our Aboriginal communities and our Aboriginal students, our leaders of the future. Through this agreement, we will go together and work together as equal partners in a journey that will support Aboriginal students and communities now and in the future. Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said the key to the deal was to ensure that every Aboriginal child and teenager in NSW could reach their potential. Like all partnerships, open and robust discussions often lead to the best results. If we take the time to listen to each other and learn from each other, as we did when developing this agreement, we can be confident that our partnership will continue to thrive and succeed. These consultations resulted in rigorous and healthy discussions.

It is this shared passion and a shared goal of improving outcomes for each of our 65,000 Aboriginal students in NSW public schools that has created this new partnership agreement. It is an expression of solidarity and our common vision for the next ten years. Hastings Secondary College has signed a partnership agreement with Hastings CETA, which is a memorandum of understanding on how we work together. I sign with Cindy Berwick, President of NSW CETA, and I would like to thank Cindy for her commitment to Aboriginal students and families. I know they are always at the center of your thinking. Cindy`s intercession and action was decisive in getting us to where we are today – ready to sign a new agreement. To develop the new agreement, we are counting on a well-established and already strong partnership. Today we are all meeting for a very special occasion – the signing of a renewed agreement between the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group and the NSW Government. I am very pleased to be here today as a witness and I extend my congratulations and greetings to each and every one of you who are participating in this event today.

We all have a direct responsibility for the lives and futures of Aboriginal students in public schools in NSW. Through this collaboration, we will strive to ensure that every Aboriginal child and adolescent in NSW reaches their potential through education. This new partnership agreement will lead to a clear ten-year plan, with an obligation to report in depth. I believe that this enduring partnership is the key to a prosperous and united future. Aboriginal education in NSW public schools will be strengthened under a new partnership agreement signed this week between the NSW Department of Education and the NSW Aboriginal Consultative Consultative Group (NSW CETA). The agreement was signed for today`s virtual launch by Cindy Berwick, President of NSW CETAExterner Link, and Mark Scott, Secretary of the NSW Department of Education, and was attested by Minister Mitchell. The partnership agreement is a useful document and it is also a beautiful document. I would like to thank the artist Wallula Bethell of the Gamilaraay Nation for the artwork contained in the agreement.. .

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